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Your home, business or event has a barcode. Barcode readers are free

1) Share your location (GPS barcode) with customers/ guests and friends
2) Google Maps (PlayStore) provides real-time driving directions to your bar-coded address from anywhere
3) This is how to get the GPS barcode for your location - any venue, place of business, home address or event

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For guests, customers and friends who haven't got the App already, anyone can pick up the fastest QR & Barcode Reader App free at qrcodereader.co.za

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Capture or scan a barcode in print - get the App

Capture a barcode in view on your monitor, Web page, Email or mobile phone? Here's how

On mobile : Save any barcode in view on your phone's browser; long-press on the barcode (image) and SAVE. Open the saved (Gallery) image using QR Code Reader App

On Desktop/PC : Get the App for your mobile and point your camera at the barcode in view on your PC, Laptop/ Tablet or TV monitor